So-called idiopathic scoliosis
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ABC of scoliosis 1995-2007

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(17)  Articles about So-called Idiopathic Scoliosis in USA and Canada 2013-2015


Journal of Novel Physiotherapies Nov 2013 / USA

Biomechanical Etiology of the So-called Idiopathic Scoliosis (1995–2007). Three Groups and Four Types in the New Classification   

Surgical Science, February 2014 / USA

The Biomechanical Aetiology of the So-Called Idiopathic Scoliosis. The Role of Gait and Standing at “Ease” on the Right Leg in the Development of the Deformity  

American Research Journal of Medicine and Surgery Original Article Volume 1, Issue 2, 2015 / USA

“Syndrome of Contractures and Deformities” According to Prof. Hans Mau as the Primary Cause of Hip, Neck, Shank and Spine Deformities in Babies, Youth and Adults  

Canadian Open Medical Sciences & Medicine Journal  Vol. 1, No. 1, April 2015, pp. 1- 16 / CANADA

Biomechanical etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis (1995 – 2007). Causative role of “gait” and “permanent standing ‘at ease’ on the right leg”. New classification. Principles of new therapy and causal prophylaxis 

Jacobs Journal of Physiotherapy and Exercise , Feb. 2016 / TEXAS / USA

"Imperfect hips" As a Problem at an Older Age. Early and Late Prophylactic Management before Arthrosis

LOCOMOTOR SYSTEM vol. 21, 2014, No. 3+4 / Czech Republic

Údajná idiopatická skolióza. Biomechanická etiologie. Nová klasifikace. So-called idiopathic scoliosis. Biomechanical Aetiology. New classification. Treatment and Prophylaxis.

Polska / POLAND 2016.
Bóle krzyża – problem neurologiczno-‑ortopedyczny. Objawy, przyczyny, leczenie i profilaktyka.
Back pain – neurology-orthopedic problems. Clinic, causes, therapy and prophylaxis.

Polska / POLAND 2016.
Deformacje neuromięśniowe stóp, kolan, bioder, miednicy u dzieci. Wtórne zespoły bólowe u dorosłych. Przyczyny, zapobieganie i leczenie. Deformations of the feet, knees, hips, pelvis in children with minimal brain dysfunction. Causes, prophylaxis and treatment in children and adults.

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