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(5) Old "wrong" rehabilitation exercises (pitfalls).


Information about old - wrong - rehabilitation exercises - see in

(9) "FOTOS/PHOTOS/WYKLADY/LECTURES" (click on left) and next in RECENT KNOWLEDGE on SCOLIOSIS (click again) - here two lectures presented on Symposium in REGENSBURG - on 12th May 2007 and on Orthopaedic International Congress in Cairo / Egypt - December 2006 / November 2008 ...and in subchapter: "MIN.ZDROWIA/MINISTRY of HEALTH / LECTURE / DOCUMENTS - Meeting on 19 June 2007 " -.            



Almost all "old" rehabilitation exercises were wrong - except the exercises of Mrs. Renate Tomaschewski MD PhD and Mrs. Barbara Popp in Germany. See the book: Tomaschewski R., Popp B.: "Die Funktionelle Behandlung der beginnenden idiopathischen Skoliose". Jahann Ambrosius Barth, Leipzig Heidelberg 1992, 1-96.


See also the articles: (1) Karski T, Karski J, Madej J, Latalski M. Persönliche Überlegungen zur Ätiologie der idiopathischen Skoliosen. Praktische Hinweise  zur Entdeckung beginnender Skoliosen. Prinzipien der neuen Übungstherapie. Möglichkeiten der Prophylaxe. Orthop. Praxis, 02/2002, 38, 75 - 83,


(2) Karski T: Recent observations in the biomechanical etiology of so-called idiopathic scoliosis. New classification of spinal deformity - I-st, II-nd and III-rd etiopathological groups” in Technology and informatics vol. 123 Research into spinal deformities 5 Ed. D. Uyttendaele, P.H. Dangerfield, s. 473-482, bibliogr. poz. 52, Washington, 2006, IOS Press 


(3) Karski T, Kalakucki J, Karski J: "Syndrome of contractures" (according to Mau) with the abduction contracture of the right hip as causative factor for development of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis” in Technology and informatics vol. 123 Research into spinal deformities 5 Ed. D. Uyttendaele, P.H. Dangerfield, s. 34-39, bibliogr. poz. 21, Washington, 2006, IOS Press


See also the book: Karski T. "Skoliozy tzw. idiopatyczne . etiologia, rozpoznawanie zagro¿eñ, nowe leczenie rehabilitacyjne, profilaktyka. The etiology of the so-called idiopathic scoliosis. The new rehabilitation treatment. Prophylaxis. Kontrakture in der Atiologie des sogenannten idiopathischen Skoliosen. Prinzipien der neuen Ubungstherapie. Moglichkeiten der Prophylaxe", FOLIUM, Lublin, 2003 / 2010, 1 - 233


The wrong exercises were:

all exercises in prone position,

all extension exercises,

all strengthening exercises,

all of - "proper posture" exercises

and all presented in all "old articles and all old orthopaedic books" for the  conservative therapy of scoliosis - through many years - till now.


1/ Such "old" treatments were "the additional jatrogenic causes/reasons" of the development/progression of scoliosis:


2/ Such "old" exercises  were the causes of the fixation of "stiffness of the spine",  


3/ Such "old" exercises  were the causes of the development/progression of curves in every type of scoliosis (I epg, II/A epg, II/B epg),


4/ "Old" extension exercises  were the causes of the progression of curves and hump/gibbous costalis in I epg (Malawski, Karski and others).


Now is the time coming - to introduce in every country, for a every child - with "beginning of scoliosis" or only "danger of scoliosis" - the proper exercises - streching exercises - typical for / similar like - in  karate, like in kung fu, in tai chi, in aikido, in taekwondo, joga e.g.

See next chapter - (6) "New rehabilitation exercises" (click on left).


See the chapter "Opinie o leczeniu" / Opinions - reports from parents" about "old" (wrong) and new (proper) conservative treatment (click on the link on the left). 






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